Black women are going bald! Our edges are leaving us at an alarming rate. Here’s the problem: your stylist is not doing their due diligence. We should be assessing the quality of a client’s scalp and the health of the hair before we say yes to the style. But hardly anyone does it.  They don’t know how to say no (quite frankly, because the money is too good to turn down)! And that’s where I come in.
I’m transforming the approach to weave installs. Sew-ins don’t break your hair off.  They’re meant to protect and grow your hair while you maintain your lifestyle. I’ve been a licensed cosmetologist for over 20 years. I went from working out of my kitchen to going to NY and LA Fashion Week. I also teach stylists my fail-proof system for creating a full-service healthy weave install business.
From installation strategies, choosing quality extensions, to professional scheduling management,  my trainings go above and beyond what other stylists are going to teach you. If you know someone who does hair with or without a license, who’s looking to stand out in our industry, tell them to stop by Humble Hair. 
I’m also looking for both new and established pro stylists who want to work smarter, not harder.
Shanita, Owner/ Lead Stylist of Humble Hair
IG: @Humblehair