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      The LOVE Collection are our raw Indian extensions line.  LOVE is sourced from sacrificial temples in India and professionally paired to produce beautiful cohesive patterns.  

      LOVE comes in 3 textures- Super Curly, Romance Curl & Wavy- ranging from really curly to a slight wave.  Luster ranges from Low-Med/High, depending on the texture you choose and products used on the hair.  Each bundle ranges from 3.5-3.7oz.  Single donor bundles.  


      • Gently Processed from India
      • Temple Donor Source
      • Flat Wefts
      • Weight: 3.5-3.7oz
      • Luster: Low to Medium-High
      • Density: Medium to High
      • Type: Wavy, Curly, Super Curly
      • Texture: Fine/Medium to Slightly Coarse
      • Longevity: 1.5-2 years with proper care
      • Professional coloring recommended 
      • Reacts to natural elements
      • Hair will always revert to original pattern with proper care 
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